With tens of thousands of domain names in different fields, you can find the right domain name for your business. In addition, with many services such as domain name consulting, domain name brokerage… will definitely help you to start your business smoothly.


With safety features for sellers and buyers, you will easily transact domain names in a convenient, simple but still safe and legal manner. The feature of keeping the seller’s money helps buyers feel secure and avoid scams when trading domain names.


With many domain names in each field, you can freely choose and find a domain name that is suitable for you. Also you can negotiate to get the best price. Organized events can help you buy domain names at promotional prices in different batches.

Control your business

Business is an activity that will take you a long time to build and follow. You have to make many decisions. But not every decision is correct and far-sighted. This will cost you a lot of advantages in the beginning, a lot of time to build something you are not good at, and a danger to your brand later on.

With our experience, we will help you to solve and make the right and foresight decisions.

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Business projects that are in need of transfer or investment


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More than 10 year experience in industry

Start with consulting and providing beautiful domains for businesses. We develop consulting services for businesses that buy back their branded domains. There are beautiful domains that we have developed into businesses that are continuing to operate and transfer to investors.

With our experience in this work, we will provide you with useful advice and services.

We can help you

Choosing a brand name, domain name to start growing your business sounds simple, but there will be many surprises that you do not anticipate. Don’t let it take years of effort and money to realize that the Brand you built is not good, hard to remember, difficult to compete with.

Contact us to get started on your branding work.

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Recent news & projects


Givebank is a 0% interest loan application, built to connect domestic and foreign benefactors with a philanthropic heart with disadvantaged lives in need of help. Givebank offers financial support packages from 500,000 VND to 5,000,000 VND with a maximum loan period of up to 12 months.



Installing and providing 5G Internet services in Vietnam.

Business focuses on providing services and installing 5G internet networks in Vietnam, a very potential market.


Google University

GOOGLE University is an online training platform for courses and Google products that make it easier for citizens of different countries to access technology for online business.


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